24.09.2018 Breaking News

It became silent around Xtreme. Not without reason, the only unchangeable is change. Our attitude 'Off to new horizons!' creates your opportunity - Xtreme is for sale 'race ready' in Marmaris. See details or spread the news.

Beware, if you do not buy her, she will be your competitor!


Click here or on the picture for details.



08.10.2016 Learning Learning Learning

A true Bluemind event. New boat, new challenges, excitement, desire and effortful activity. Our brains got rewired.

Yes, we have to learn our lesson. But the team gets better and better, ready for the first İzmir Autumn Trophy Leg next weekend.


After the light Southerly seized completely the wind veered and freshened up to 13-20 kn. Best conditions to do a lot of tacks and setting, gybing, dousing of the asymmetric kite.


See the pictures.


Xtreme registered for the 27th MIRW. Looking forward to compete in five in- and offshore races. The excitement is growing.

11.-16.09.2016 First Cruise

The text is lost, could not find the mood to rewrite. See more recent photos here.



Xtreme is now on her way to the Adriatic Sea. She will continue her racing carreer as a training and racing boat for - sail racing academy.

Last Saturday we made our last trip with Peter and Andrea, the new owners, and together with Uğur.

Xtreme conditons, standard on the "farewell trip" for the Xtreme Sailing Team.

Northerly up to 40kn and 3-8 degrees. Sığacık Bay was done in about an hour, surfing 10-12 kn under stormjib and reefed main. 5 1/2 h from Teos to Çeşme, berth to berth. Our new record?

Now off to new horizons. The end of the X-41-era, but not of sailing!


New price: 169.000 EUR. Please feel free to contact us for details.


Xtreme for Sale! Off to new horizons.

This boat is fully equipped for both racing (IRC and One Design) and cruising. It is in excellent condition, has many extras and a huge wardrobe of sails. All Halyards, trimlines, mainsheet have been replaced in 2013/2014.

Download full specs below.

Xtreme, Fulll Specification
X-Yachts X-41 OD
LOA: 12,35m – LWL 10,74m – Beam: 3,64 – Draft: 2,5m
Weight 6964 kg (weighed 2013)
IRC TCC 1,117 (2014, Endorsed)
Year Build: 2007, Hull No. 15
Flag: German
EU VAT: paid

Sales Price: 169.000 €
Adobe Acrobat Document 60.1 KB


Time to sum up the first half of the season 2015. After a phase of abstinence and maintenance we put together a great new team with young talents. One intense training in May was enough to get fit for the EAYK AYK Folkart Cup in June. 3x 1st in IRC1 confirmed that we did not lose shape. In July we had another training - maneuvres and spinnaker at 30+ kn northerly was real fun. Now looking forward to the training sessions in August and September. We have to get ready for the İzmir Autumn Trophy 2015. The competition will not sleep. We expect to sail against MadX (X-41) and Code Zero (from Greece, Grand Soleil 42CR). Oh, and not to forget the cruise with the family and two friends from Hamburg in April. Rather winterly conditions, between two gales... but we made it to Chios and had nice days. So again we evaluated all capabilities of Xtreme to our joy and favour. See more photos.


An exciting and successful season ends today. Dear friennds, please excuse the low news frequency on our site. As well sailing as the job which earns the resources were very busy this year. We had to make a preference: sailing before writing. You can find this seasons details and loads of photos on our facebook presence. Do not miss out to follow us on Twitter.


In a nutshell Xtreme won the İzmir Autumn Cup in an exciting 8-weekend-series. Being 3,5 points before the second after 17 races at the start of the last leg, the adrenaline level kept high until the final lap. First finish, second corrected in the race was enough to finally raise the cup. Thanks especially to MadX, our One-Design competitor.

We decided not  to participate in the  MIRW, but preferred the Channel Cup organised together with our Greek friends of the Code Zero Sailing Team from Chios Island. Racing for honor and Ouzo, and in contrast to Marmaris: WITH wind. We will never forget the shitty broach!


Special thanks to the enablers of success: my family for the time, our equipment sponsor Kaya Ropes for fast lines and the Xtreme Sailing Team for teamwork and speed.


Now we are closing the season with a broad smile of happyness and are looking forward what new shores 2015 will bring. Have all the best and stay in touch.


Off to the next challenge. Xtreme is registred for the 25th MIRW, the Marmaris Internationa Race Week. This regular event will take place in the last week of October. It will be fun to sail again in the Marmaris waters - against a fleet of 200 boats. The team is almost established and we will be stronger than ever!

Between the Continents
Between the Continents


We reached the finish line of the Navy Cup from Istanbul to Teos on August 13th at 17:26 after 177013 seconds at sea. This colossal number represents 177013 seconds full of challenge, fun and sailing experience in new waters. Sailing on the Bosphorus made a dream come true.


It was the first time for the Xtreme-Sailing-Team to sail an offshore race longer that 24 nm and the first time night racing.


A 16th is not the best placement ever, but 300 nm and two days at sea challenged every single member of the team. Some reached their limits, some exceeded their limits. But everyone gained experience, we learned the route and to "function" together under more xtreme comditions than we were used to.


I am concvinced that we will do it again.


Xtreme registred for the down-race, the "Navy Cup" successfully. Not so easy with the new online registration-tool of TAYK.

The countdown is running for the 295 nm offshore-race from İstanbul to our homeport Teos Marina in Sığacık. Excitement is growing and the crew is ready to race.


Xtreme returned from Chios with the new P-Brane J3 and main sail in the pocket. A crazy long weekend. with strong wind and a lot of fun. On Friday we left Teos with increasing northerly, 24-34 kn. Two or three reefs and the storm jib were good for for the crew of three and offered surfs up to 11-12 kn on Siğacık Bay and full speed upwind when tacking to Çeşme. Interesting to see that they towed the fish farms towards the shore to protect them from the waves.


The "Check-Out" procedure in Çeşme took a little while. They said they were too busy - probably with the check-ins of the ones searching for shelter. Finally we were called to the passport control. The officer did not want to let us go. He stated that the port authority prohibited all vessels to leave Çeşme due to the weather conditions. Even the ferries did not work. But they fortunately they could not stop us due to our German flag.


We prepared well, tied the third reef in to cross the Çeşme strait in 33-38 kn northerly and 1,5m waves. Some VOR feeling when two seas washed over deck. Good to try sometimes what you can handle. After slightly more than an hour we reached Chios Port safely.


Our friend Michalis from the Code Zero Sailing Team welcomed us and arranged the only protected berth in this conditions at the south end of the customs pier. Thanks again.


We gained back our energy in the taverna "To Apomero" high above Chios. Kontosuvli, the delicious pork meat grilled on a horizontal skewer, local ouzo "Kazanisto" and live music from Trio Chios were the reward for the day's efforts. Not to forget the marvellous view!


On Saturday Erhan and his Daughter arrived by ferry. The ferries worked, but the weather conditions did not allow racing or testing new sails. We used the day to tour around the South of the Island by car. Swimming at the black pebbled beach of Mavra Volia, Emporio. Then we had a seafood lunch at Port Mesta. We strolled through the fortified mastic village Mesta and through Pyrgi famous for its wall scrapings.


The trip back to Teos on Sunday was relaxed. After Teke Cape we had even to use the engine. Fortunately we got some northeasterly of 14 kn to test the new J3. Great job, Poalo.

That's how we like to see the competition!
That's how we like to see the competition!


Carpe Diem - Xtreme raced in Teos, EAYK-AYK Cup - 3x first in the IRC1 group, first in the group, second overall. Congrats, Kaan. Thank you for the organisation, EAYK.


But not only racing, having fun at the Rakı table and night training with MOB, reefing and spinnaker-gybing as preparartion for the "Down-Race, the TAYK Navy Cup from Istanbul to Teos in August.


We really used every second of the weekend.


Main and J3 ordered from Banks Sails. Fast and robust, that's what we expect from the new "P-Brane" design: carbon/dyneema with an internal tafetta. Like on the photo of Paolo's "Neo", but without the jib-reefing option. ETA beginning of July. In time for the "Down Race" from Istanbul to Teos.


Xtreme is back in Teos after four weekends of racing in Çeşme. Great venue and great races. This is valid for the whole Izmir Winter Trophy. Thanks to EAYK and ICYC for the organisation.


We performed well - and one day we will beat the First 40,7s not only elapsed, but corrected as well. Continuous improvement in the results of the legs brought us a 2nd place overall. Congrats to our friends from Adalin. We are especially happy about increased upwind and heavy air performance. The team is gaining more and more maneuvre-routine. See photos on our facebook-presence.


Less happy we are about our torn mainsails. Looks like we will have to invest soon. A main and a J3 can be seen at the horizon.


Now back in Teos we will do some in-season-maintenance, hopefully some exercising and will be back on the race course in June. EAYK-AYK-Cup and Teos Marina Cup are waiting for us.


22.02.2014 Now In Çeşme

Long time no sea. After the first four racing weekends of the İzmir Winter Trophy Xtreme is performing successfully, just the rating... and some training lack to perform maneuvres quick and clean. The season started too fast - and too busy in the "real life". Since two weeks Xtreme is sailing without her captain. Nezih is doing a great job as substitute skipper. And the team is bringing her around the course without trouble.

Three weekends with bouy races and the offshore Teos-Alaçatı are now past. We are looking forward ambitiously to the Çeşme series: four sailing weekends in March and April at the nice and windy Çeşme venue. Hopefully our Greek friends from the Code Zero Sailing Team will participate with their new Grand Soleil 42 R. For more details and photos please feel free to visit our Facebook presence Xtreme Sailing Team.


Xtreme is launched. Happy to be back in the wet element. And even faster and more beautyful than ever. The competition will now know who passed them. The name is shining on both sides and the transom showing the familiar "corporate identity". New bottom, polished, new running rigging, engine maintained, a lot of little repairs and improvements. Thanks especially to Uğur Balaban from Teos Yachting Service and Burak Emin from Kaya Ropes who made this happen. The countdown is running for the İzmir Winter Trophy, starting with the first leg on January 4th/5th, 2014. Look at the beauty at our latest gallery.


Today I visited our equipment sponsor Kaya Ropes. We will test the new series GP Rock 24/32 B, coated and pre-streched high durability low strech lines. They are able to prepare custom made halyards, sheets and straps readily stripped and spliced according to customer's wishes. We just received the first samples. Production continues.


An eventful MIRW (Marmaris International Race Week) with 179 participating yachts an >1.300 sailors is over. Xtreme is 6th of 15 boats in the class. Some obviously smelled the wind better than us. In calm conditions the organizing club MIYC struggled to realise the planned five races. Apart from Monday four races - two "offshore" and two around-the-buoys - have been started. Wind from 0-8 kn (only a little more in race 4) with shits of 90, 135, even 180 degrees made these a real challenge. The results in detail: 6./7./8./7.

We enjoyed ourselves well, less in the race parties which had a real low cost-benefit-ratio (Dear MIYC, please work on that if you want to see us on the 25. MIRW!), but in the rock bar Davy Jones Locker which is highly recommended. Sailors an climbers  welcome. See loads of photos.


Thanks to all crew and family who made our participation possible.


Now Xtreme will take a short rest and refresh herself. See you at the 2014 race events.


During the feast of sacrifice we used the opprotunity to test the cruising qualities of Xtreme. Sema, Peer Ole, Kai Felix - the family, our crew member Erhan and his daughter were the ideal crew for this event. To gain time to cruise with family friendly short trips we started with a long 82 nm night leg from Sığacık to Turgutreis-Bodrum.


The first half of the night was lit by the first quarter half moon which showed us the way through Dilek strait between Samos and the Turkish mainland as a silver street. But the second half was bloody dark - with increasing winds making us reef two times. The trip passed without problems but a toilet pump failure. We changed our initial target from Bodrum to Turgutreis in expectation of good service facilities, but they were all closed on Sundays. So we took a minibus trip for 5 TL/person to the center of Bodrum. With the help of our friend Akın Akbalık we found the necessary Jabsco spare parts set. Thanks a lot. Sema, Erhan, İlayda and Kay Felix took the opportunity to visit the Museum of Underwater Archeology in Bodrum Castle. Peer Ole and me had seen it, so we cared about the technical staff. In the evening we had some delicious Meze (the famous Turkish starters), fish and Rakı in a small reastaurant in Turgutreis called Yi-Geç.


The next day a strengthening northerly wind, later backing to northwest, brought us fastly to our next destination: Palamutbükü. With 40cm less water than regular we made it into the small harbour with rather no water below the keel. The harbour master offered us a space at the northwest pier, but we touched ground and could not enter it. Then he took us to the northeast pier where we moored with half a metre water under the keel. The anchor slipped in the northwersterly gusts, but later gripped well - in a mooring tackle, what we had to learn the next morning. Good to have the "magic hook" on board. We had our dinner in the "Liman" restaurant which is there since 33 years. All fresh, good food, but lamb casserole is recommended.


Next morning was calm. We started off before breakfast and thought to stay in Hayıtbükü, a small bay just some 4 nm east of Palamutbükü. We revised the decision due to the wind turning to southeast - which this bay is not protected against. We moved on under engine through the Steno Nimoi (a narrow strait between Symi and Nimos) as the wind never exceeded 8 kn. Peer Ole always wanted to fish, but even slowing down the speed to 4 kn after Symy until Bozburun did no increase luck. So we had to take our fish again in the restaurant. The Bozburun Restaurant was unfortunately just ordinary. Being a charterbase of two charter companies, there are rich supplies available, but quality and heartiness dropped.


We used the early Wednesday morning with to row out Peer Ole into the bay, to watch the sunrise and go fishing. Unfortunately again in vain, but we climbed the ruins on "Yeşilada", the small island at the entrance of Bozburun harbour. The reward was a perfect view around the whole bay lit by the rising sun. Marvellous.


Our next target was actually to spend another day in a bay: Bozukkale. Unfortunately the forecast was not promising: southeasterly increasing to 21-24 kn - right into that bay. We thought we could spend only the day at Bozukkale and continue in the evening. Starting just before noon with the first reef, reefing in the second one just around noon and the wind coming from SE with a bad foreacast made us revise the decision another time. We continues right to Marmaris and arrived before darkness - a day earlier than planned. This turned out the right decision as we spent a night with thunderstorms, severe rain and heavy gusts - in the safe port.


Being early in Marmaris gave us time to do as well cleaning, maintenance and checks as some activities like visiting the museum in the castle and making a fishing trip with the kids. Finally we caught some small fish, four bogues and a red seabream were the reward - and daddy finally became a fisherman.


See a lot of impressions here.


Now Xtreme is ready and waiting impatiently for the start of the Marmaris International Race Week.


Xtreme 1st elapsed, 3rd corrected in IRC1 in the3rd Leg of the EAYK Autumn Trophy. We are very happy in spite of not winning because the newer crew members had the opportunity to take a role during an entire race.
Unfortunately only one race has been performed as >30kn northerly prevented us from racing on Saturday.

Next week Xtreme will move to Marmaris. Now 189 yachts registerd for the MIRW.


Xtreme finished the Arkas Milta Marina Cup in Bodrum as 3rd in IRC one. We are really proud of this result in windy conditions and see further big potential. We will be back in Bodrum for the winter trophy if we manage to find a sponsor.


Day one was exciting. A shortened offshore course of 13 nm. Start south of Bodrum with a close reach at NW 14-17 kn. After leaving Görecek Island on starbord a short upwind leg, rounding Çelebi Island on port side. Another tough close reach in northwesterly increasing up to 28 kn. After rounding Kargı Island the the downwind leg to the finish at Cape Louras on Kos Island was a challenge for team and material. We overcame two severe broaches without damage and finished as third.


Day two offered another shortened offshore course of 16,5 nm. Start at Kargı Island and a very close reach along the shoreline. A perfect start and wind from 8-18 kn. After rounding Çelebi Island on starboard we headed to Kara Island dead downwind. We did everything to avoid a gybe as the wind freshed again up to 24 kn. A challenge to avoid a broach or knockdown in gusty conditions. J3 was the right choice for the upwind leg and we had some fine upwind tacks through the channel of Kara Island to finish as third in front of Bodrum.


On day three we raced aroud-the-buoys in the Kara Island Channel. This time a little early at the line. Fortunately we managed to pass in front of the bows off the leeward boats to make an average start leeward of them.

Not like our "village races" only up-and-down, but two triangles and two up-and-down legs were the name of the game. Short legs and a ot of maneuvres. After a fair upwind leg in 14-17 kn we decided to do the first beam reach under spinnaker. Some broaches in gusts >20kn proofed us wrong. Hard to catch up with it. Sailing is a hard, long learning process. Next upwind O.K., the first reach leg of next triangle without spi was the right decision. We caught two boats - who broached. The up-and-downs passed without any remarkable events, you thought? Of course not, we tore our J2 apart at approx 2/3 of hight at full length. Astonishing that we could finish the last third of the last upwind leg with nearly no speed loss at a still acceptable tack angle. The finish leg under spinnekar rewarded us with wind freshing up to 24kn and some surfs >10kn. 3rd place in the third race, 3rd in total in IRC1, a constant performance.

See some photos here.



Xtreme arrived in Bodrum and is now ready to race. The nicest thing of the night trip was to sail into a beautyful sunrise. See how Saturday morning welcomed us on our transfer to Bodrum.


Now Xtreme is waiting impatiently to compete in the Arkas Milta Marina Cup of the Bodrum Offshore Racing Club. A challenge for boat and crew. Three days of short offshore and around-the-buoys racing are waiting for us. See you in Bodrum!

Last weekend was xtremely exciting. And xtremely fun. Spinnaker training with northerly wind at 20-28 kn. Surfs at 11 kn boat speed - without significant waves. Full crew on board. Unfortunately we blew up the kite in a gust of 28 kn. Weak 
material.    ;)
Very happy that the situation was never out of control and we got the mess down clean and quickly. Congratulations to the crew. Now we are ready for Bodrum after a little summer break.

After we lost our heavy-wind- spinnaker, reefing and tacking was on the program. We decided for some MOB exercising under sails. The man was represented by a fender, but the actual victim was our jib. One batten pocket was torn while the sail was flapping.

This was sufficient damage to finish up the first day and pass to an enjoyable evening with Rakı, octopus and later on some live music.

Still enough sleep to be fit for the Sunday. Similar conditions, smaller sails. Still good to continue with a little reduced crew to exercise tacking, gybing under white sails and some more MOB - without jib is the better idea.

See you end of August in Bodrum!


Back from an intense training weekend:
Intense crew planning with 13 participating crew members.
Intense tacking and gibing.
Intense evening program with Cretan food and Turkish Rakı.
Intense night sail to see the moon rising.
In a nutshell: intense fun.


Xtreme is growing with their competitors. On last Saturday light air from north, shifting to southwest and back. After being second after the first triangle we found ourselves in the eye of the calm, setting and dousing the asymmetric spinnaker ten times on the second "upwind" leg. All efforts were in vain, we let the competition pass by. After the light air disaster on Saturday where we pulled the handbrake, Sunday offered better conditions with shifting northerly to northwesterly winds. Two proper starts, but picking the wrong side on the first upwind leg. Some good spinnaker maneuvers could not compensate the loss. We will archive this event under the category "Training". Respect for Tolga with his M.A.T. 12 and Kaan with his M.A.T. 1010. See you in Bodrum.

At the same time we had the chance to try out our first new Kaya Ropes Rock D32 Dyneema main and spinnaker sheets on the EAYK AYK Kecheese Cup. We are happy with our new lines. No significant elongation under load. Satisfying friction on the winch and not tending to entangle on the winch even while slackening away quickly. Thank you, Kaya Ropes for your support.


Yesterday the first lot of Kaya Ropes arrived. Spinnaker sheets, main sheet, halyards. Thanks to our equipment sponsor Kaya Ropes we will now even be faster!


Xtreme again at the top of the list in Urla/İzmir. 1/1/3 im mostly light and medium conditions. Only the last race challenged us with gusts >20 kn. The good result was only overshadowed by an accident of our crew. A winch handle hit his nose during a failed spinnaker douse after some broaches at 22-24 kn. But we are optimistic that he will join us on the next race in Teos (Sığacık) on 08./09.06.2013. See some photos.


Xtreme is the Winner of the EAYK Winter Trophy in IRC1

Last weekend one series of three races and three successes! Xtreme won the Folkart Cup, the V. Leg of the Winter Trophy and consequently the whole Trophy. 3x 1st after light-air-racing in Urla/İzmir. We can recommend this venue. Nice racing, challenging wind conditions and beautyful scenery on a triangle course around Pırnallı Island. Thanks to Ümit Karapança and his dear friends from Urla for their hospitality and helpfulness.
Applause for all you members of the team.


We are back from an extensive and highly enjoyable weekend full of exercising and fun. Retirement? No! The second (actually the first) junior captain did a greaat job at the helm and the main sheet.


The whole weekend shorts and t-shirt. Wind from Southeast to north, 3-20 kn gave us a wide range of conditions to improve our boat handling skills.


The team dreams of "Ready to Tack!" and spinnaker maneuvres are getting better and better. some "360s" and anchoring in Dimircili Bay rounded up the programme. See these photos to become jealous.

Now Xtreme is prepared for the transfer to Urla. See you in two weeks in to win the trophy.


Xtreme's new mathematics 1+1+1=1. That is how we finished the IV. leg of the EAYK Winter Trophy. We are very happy about that result, especially as these were not (yet) "our" conditions: Bright sunshine, but fresh northerly breeze of 18-24kn, sometimes 27 in the gusts. We are getting the boat under control better and better. Heavier weather trim requires lots of back stay power to open the main leech and some twist in the genoa. Avoiding heeling seems to be the key to speed upwind. 7,5-7,6 kn upwind is close to the target.


The frame programme with life music, fish and Rakı and some fire filled barrels to warm up was a fine opportunity to meet our old friend and underwater-photgrapher Rico Besserdich and of course chat with the club comrades. Leading the trophy, we are looking forward to the last leg in May which will take place in Urla on the north side of the Çeşme Peninsula. See some photos here.



Back from a very nice weekend. First time shorts this year! Southerly winds of 8-12 kn gave us ideal conditions for practicing and raising the new generation. I passed the wheel to the junior captain. Now it's time to retire.


Not only tacking, spinnaker maneuvres and gybing, also reefing and MOB under sails was on the schedule. And on Sunday afternoon we took the chance to participate in the EAYK cruising event "Teos Sofrası" which brought us to the Hamam Bay. Anchoring, swimming in the bay and a barbecue compensate the training and racing "stress".


Xtreme sen. and Xtreme jr. visited our equipment sponsor Kaya Ropes today! Sophisticated ropes for leisure, commercial and military applications. Amazing to see how they are produced using German, Danish and Spanish technology.


We had to make a serious decision. Due to business reasons and the lack of a main sponsor we cancelled the idea to participate in the X-41 Worlds. Instead we added some high class Turkish races in Bordum and Marmaris. The MIRW (Marmaris International Race Week) will not be one-design, but with 180 participating yachts and >1000 sailors a great and fun event.


Three cups for Xtreme. Two times 1st on the EAYK Winter Trophy races in Jan. and Feb. and a 2nd for this weekend. We have to speed up for the trophy.


Last weekend was really exciting. On Saturday we had sun and rain, hail, wind from WNW to N, 3,5 - 24 knots and some very beatyful rainbows. If you ask if this affected the result? No. Sunday offered cool, but sunny weather with a northerly shifting wind of 12-18 knots.


But have you ever done a start without genoa? Try it, it increased excitement - and taught us a lesson. Do not use a sail which comes from repair without trying it out befor the race. Apart from that: genoa halyard shackle opened, halyard in the air. Spinnaker halyard shackle opened, kite in the water. Genoa sheet shackles opened...both! (Where is the good ole bowline knot?) Genoa used as a flag. Not really contributing to speed. Especially in the start phase.


In the start of the second race we could hardly lay the bouy because the wind veered in the start phase - and no room for tacking.


On the first upwind leg of the third race we decided for the left side - alone, just to leave the first at the mark to our competitor.


In all races we caught the competition again and finished in first position, 3-6 min. before the second. Bu the corrected result were just thee 2nd places. 100 seconds missing.


Races are won by the one who makes the least mistakes. Hope we made all the mistakes of the season in this series. See you in April, competitors.


See some more photos here.


After remeasurement and weighing we received our endorsed IRC certificate. TCC 1,118 is our new rating. We think it is a fair value which makes us sail "one-design" with our Turkish competitor MadX - the other X-41 in Turkey.


We are happy to welcome Kaya Ropes on board as our first equipment sponsor. Kaya Ropes produces high tech ropes for marine, military and safety purposes using state-of-the-art technology. For more info


Xtreme has been re-measured and weighed to receive an endorsed IRC measurement certificate. This will enable us to participate in the higher rated IRC handicap races, i.e. in Bodrum, Marmaris or İstanbul. After the measurement last Saturday we used the second half of the afternoon for an intense boat handling training. Sunny weather, some 16 degrees and southerly winds force 3 gave us another good opportunity to make and eliminate mistakes. We returned in rising moonlight, having evaluated every remaining second of a nice evening. The obligatory fish-and-rakı dinner rewarded us for a fulfilling sailing-day. The next day started with a theory training, general information about the characteristics of the boat and video analysis of the competition which we may meet in Capri/Italy in September at the "Worlds". After that the "up-and-coming" had the chance to practice under optimum conditions in different roles and gain experience. Hope to see you at our next race in Sığacık/Teos on March 16th/17th.


Last Saturday 1st. in the second leg of the EAYK Winter Trophy and a new record: 17,3 kn down the wave was real fun. But there is still potential. As the competition did not use a spinnaker, we also refrained and kept the risk low.


On Sunday no race. Up to 37 kn southeasterly - in the port! We used the sunny weather with 19 degrees to clean Xtreme and make her fit for the next events.


To make the participation in the X-41 Worlds in Capri/Italy possible we need your valuable support. The Xtreme-Sailing-Team is looking for sponsors for the campaign or the event. Please feel free to download our sponsorship proposal and to contact us.


The new IRC measurement certificate has arrived. TCC 1,124 was a negative surprise. Unexpectedly the factor increasd by 0,001. Now we have to increase the gap even further.

27.01.2013   - Mathematics changed: 2x1=1

After the race on Saturday has been abandoned, we had a cold but fine racig day on Sunday. Cold: some 11 degrees centigrade. 8-12 kn northwesterly in the first race, up to 18 kn in the second gave us optimum conditions to show our upwind strength as well as a good performance downwind and during maneuvres. The team is getting better and better and so is the timing. Two first places were the reward. Good start for the new season.


And many many thanks to Uğur Balaban from Teos Yachting Service, our Bowman, who did a great job doing the winter maintenance. He and his guys are the ones who gave Xtreme her new, white dress.



We painted Xtreme's underwatership white - and so did Flemming on Xtreme's drawing. Do you like the result? Flemming may prepare a drawing of your one-design or one-off boat. Interested? Drop by at Recommended!


Welcome new season! Could one have a better start in the month of January?


Xtreme is well prepared with a new look and a smooth underwater paint - all in white. Polished and overhauled she shines like new. New cushions, even for the cockpit round up the winter works. It's not all about speed, it's also about comfort. Thanks to Uğur from Teos Yachting Services, our bowman, for the proper service. See the result here.


After the launch on Saturday and some preparation work - and a fine dinner at the "Liman" with hake, the obligatory octopus and the even more obligatory Rakı, we used the Sunday for an extensive training.


The conditions were marvellous. A northnortheasterly breeze of 7-12 kn, sunshine and temperatures up to 14 degrees: Aegaean winter. Look at the photos to get really jealous. The team starts welding together. Tacking is no problem anymore, spinnaker maneuvres are getting better and better. The new crew members slowly gain experience. We used the time we had effectively to prepare the racing season. It approaches quickly. Only two further weeks to go.


The season starts, and so does the excitement. Xtreme will be launched tomorrow. First training on Sunday. First Race on Jan. 26th/27th.


Many thanks to Erik Lähteenmäki from for his kind permission to use some of his excellent photographs from the X-41 Worlds 2012 in Finland.


The target for 2013 is fixed: Win our first race in IRC1 and participate in the "X-41 Worlds" in Capri/Italy.


One-design racing's pure taste.


To reach this ambitious goal, the Xtreme Sailing Team started looking for sponsors for the 2013 Campaign or the event. We can offer to carry your name or brand through Turkish, Aegean and Mediterranean waters. Hull, sails, spars and crew gear can be used as advertisng space.


Xtreme's on the hard for winter maintenance. You will hardly recognize her when she will be launched again. Now planning the season 2013.


Today I received below message from our "backbone" crew members Alex and Anette. However sad we are, we wish you all the best, good luck and lots of sailing "up north.


"Dear Niels, dear Xtreme Sailing Team,

After 4,5 years in Turkey and 3 years member of Xtreme Racing Team we will return back to Germany.
Sailing the Xtreme was a lot of fun, sometimes challenging and exciting (including bruises and much salt water).
We gained sailing experience, nice moments to remember and friends.
Thanks Niels.
We wish the total team a lot of fun, sailing speed and always a safe trip home.
Anette and Alexander"

See you soon - keep upright!


We had to decide to end the season a little earlier due to business reasons. Our participation in the last race of the EAYK on 01./02.12.2012 is cancelled. We will put Xtreme on the hard on December 8th. She will get some care and love during the hibernation and the new season will start in January 2013 with the EAYK Winter Trophy. See race dates here. Keep Faith.

10./11.10.2012 - Xtreme Aftermath: 1+1=3

3rd after two races on the EAYK Autumn Cup ERGO Trophy. Two short up-and-downs in 17-24 kn northerly with gusts of 25-30 kn. Not really our weather, not really conditions for our freshly baked team. We did our best and stayed on the safe side. No experiments with the spinnaker in these conditions turned out as an advantage when our most serious competitor "Ladies First", a First 40.7, hoisted theirs. Two times line honours for Xtreme, but thanks to handicap racing only 3rd in IRC1.


Fast, but yet not fast enough - we have to open the gap. Let us work seriously to learn the new boat and improve boat handling. Exercising and patience will lead to success.


After a nice and effective training in our home venue Sığacık Bay, "Xtreme" is prepared for the last races of the season. Light conditions with northerly and southwesterly winds of 5-13 kn offered best conditions to bring the new members of the crew on the track. Tacks and spinnaker gybes were in the focus.

Marvellous weather with up to 24 degrees made shorts and t-sirt our standard wear for this weekend.


We tried Xtremes Qualities as a family cruiser. With the furler and a main with hanks/cars she is easily to handle shorthanded. Just you have to shorten sails a little earliear as the crew weight on the rail is missing.

On the first day our short cruise brought us fom Teos to Çilga Bay. Fair weather and a northerly of 13-15 kn. The first bay west of Teke Cape is a bay open to the south which is approx. 2 nm deep.  At the end it turns slightly to Northwest and is well potected against all winds but South to Southwesterly. You can anchor on well holding sand ground at approx. 5 m depth. The anchor falls at a position where you  just start not seeing the entrance of the bay. 1 ½ hours swimming for me, fishing and strollng around with the inflatable dinghy for the children. Enjoying a good organic wine from Manisa/Turkey which we found at the Mavi Beyaz Pension in Sığacık where we had a perfect Turkish breakfast in the morning. Recommended!

After a calm moonlit night we had a good breakfast on board and raised anchor bound to our former homeport Alaçatı Marina. A warm welcome, but bureaucratic registration procedure due to a new system. We had a nice “meze” (Turkish starters) and fish dinner in one of the small lanes of old Alaçatı, at “Kasaba Balıkçısı”, accompanied by Greek folksongs: Taverna ambience. Good food and nice authentic athmosphere on the one hand, but high prices on the other hand chracterize the “high society” resort Alaçatı.

The trip back to Teos was slightly rougher due to the Southsoutheaster of up to 20 kn. We put the storm jib and two reefs on, took it smoothe and made still 6,5 kn upwind. After slightly more than five hours our homeport Sığacık had got us back. A delicious dinner at our favorite restaurant “Liman” right next to the fishing harbour was the reward for the exertions of the day.

Some more photos will give you an impression.



Thanks to Flemming Hansen from for the nice drawing. He produces these kind of drawings on request for one-design boats as well as for one-offs. I can really recommend him if you want a unique drawing of your boat.


The best you can do on your birthday is: sail! Nice transfer back to Teos in northerly winds 3-4, later 5 Beaufort. Xtreme is back in her home port after a successful autumn series in Cesme.

On last Saturday we finished the Cesme Autumn Trophy, a well organised series of five races in light to stronger winds, organiser was the ICYC. Sometimes challenging conditions fo the new team with the new weapon. Especially three long beam, sometimes even closer reach spinnaker legs in 18-23 kn northwesterly provided lots of excitement and fun.

Good starts and successful upwind legs were sometimes outweighed by room for improvement regarding boat handling. Serious training in theory and practice is needed and will be continued in November.

But we are happy with the result: 2./2./1./2./2. led to an overall 2n place. Congrats to the team, to our direct competitor MadX and to our new friends from the Code Zero Sailing Team, winner of the last race.


Back from Çeşme. We had to congratulate MadX again - and did of course. We are really happy to have a second X-41 in the area to develop our speed and skills further. The new Xtreme Sailing team is getting better and better.


The light wind weekend offered changing directions from north to southwest. The strength varied from 0 to max. 10 kn. Good conditions for us. Our efforts to focus in and concentrate were rewarded with a 1st in the Saturday race. On Sunday we had a perfect start close to the mark and tacked immediately to port tack. The strategy based on the expectation of a significant veer turned out right. First from the start to the windward mark, we were nailed on the wrong gybe right after the mark due to a 90 degrees back. MadX passed us before we could gybe and get back on track. 2nd in the 2nd race led to a 2nd in IRC1 on this weekend.


See some pictures here and see you next Saturday for the last race of the series.


After a perfect, long sailing weekend with northnorthwesterly winds of 12-22 kn "Xtreme" is second in the Çeşme Autumn Cup.

On last Thursday, the "Victory Feast", we transferred the boat to Çeşme and used the opportunity of a "bridge-day" for a training on Friday. After two very similar races we improved our boat handling quickly. Our most important competitor is for sure MadX, the second X-41 in Turkey. Hopefully the fleet will increase further and one day we can sail a real one-design race.

The race course with a short two-tack upwind leg and very steady wind offered little opportunities for tactical strokes. On the first race we rounded the first mark five lengths after MadX. They pulled out an assymmetrical kite and beat us by 7 min.

On day 2 we had a complete crew of 10 and were courageous enough to pull out the S3 in spite of having sometimes an even slightly close reach at 18-22 kn down to the island "Boğaz Adası". It worked better than expected and we had fun with surfs of 9-11,8 kn. We decreased the distance this time to only 1,5 min - and self-confidence is rising. See some photos here.


Establishing the new Xtreme Sailing Team. An intense training last weekend tought us that there is way to go to weld together as a team. We had a good chance to test the abilities of the crew and material. Saturday offered light wind changing in direction. Sunday morning rather the same, but in the afternoon the wind turned to Northwest and increased to 14-20 kn. This challenged the crew and gave us best conditions to practice spinnaker gybes. See some more impessions and the tracks here.


After another day of maintenance and sweating on Saturday, Xtreme is now ready to sail. Yesterday we made the first "test ride". Breeze northerly, 20-24 kn. In spite of using only the reefed old Dacron transfer main, the J4 and having too much forestay sagging the performance was already amazing. The spinnaker equipment is complete and working - and waiting for the first use.



"Xtreme" is pre-registred for the Çeşme Allianz-ICYC Autumn Tophy on 01./02., 15./16. and 22.09.2012.


We performed the first theory training with the Bursa-part of the crew. Characteristics of the boat and boat handling was on the agenda. I think we will be able to add a training on 05.08.2012, on 04.08. we will have to make some more preparations. Let's see.

By the way, 100 fans on Facebook - and still growing.



Xtreme is now ready for the first training, just some "non functional" works left. The theory training movie for Thursday is prepared as well. The show can begin.


Don't worry these are not all sails, only the ones really necessary.


The new Xtreme reached her home port Teos Marina in Sığacık - the Slow City. On the transfer from Çeşme she has already proven her qualities as family cruiser. And the small ones their abilities as watch captains. Now Xtreme will need some love and care to get race ready - as the crew will. The first training is scheduled for 11./12.08.2012 and the first race series will be the Çeşme Autumn Trophy in September. See the race schedule for details and some more photos in the gallery.


Xtreme reached the Pylos in Greece yesterday and is now in the Aegean sea. ETA 09.07.2012 p.m. in Çeşme.


After two days in Malta, sweating like hell in 35 degrees, Xtreme GER 6777, X-41 Hull No. 15 is now christened and under way to her home port. See more on facebook.


Lines ashore in Malta, Manoel Island - The change is gonna come!


Xtreme is in Kythira and will start the jump to Malta tomorrow.


Today we transferred Xtreme to Çeşme together and did the "check-out" procedures. Xtreme is now under way to Malta with a professional transfer crew.



Todays news:

The X-Yachts Owner Club Turkey has been founded - and will organize the first X-Yachts Gold Cup in Turkey in 2013

Güney sahillerimizde bulunan yerli ve yabancı X-Yachts sahiplerini bir araya getirmek, bilgi ve tecrübe ağı oluşturmak, X-Yachts’lar arasında yarış etkinlikleri organize etmek amacıyla Netsel Marina’da X-Yachts Owners’ Club’ün kuruluşunu duyurmaktan kıvanç duyuyoruz. 2013 yılı için planlanan Türkiye’deki ilk  X-Gold Cup yarış organizasyonunu da üstlenecek bu kulübe başarılar diliyoruz. 


GER 6777 is our new sail number. Impatience is rising.


Off to new horizons. The past is the beginning of the future. Xtreme is sold. For this reason our race and training programme is currently suspended. As soon as it can be planned I will inform you about a new schedule with a new "machine".

Keep fidelity!

21.-23.04.2012 Impressions from "Çeşme Spring Cup"

In Çeşme we had to race in a new crew configuration with two "Guest Stars" from İzmir because Anette and Alex were not available. Thanks to "Özer the Great" and "Dr. Yalçın" from İzmir for their unselfish support and fun. It needed the first racing day and the "offshore" course around Boğaz Adası (Island) to get accustomed.

After a good start and a proper upwind leg our performance ceased strongly after rounding the Island. Bad luck caused the spinnaker to drop into the Aegean wet during the set after the halyard shackle released from the head of the sail. After a minute or two trawling we got it in again.

The next attempt using the genoa halyard gave us hope just until we had to realise that we entangled the spinnaker so efficiently that even after minutes (which seemed like hours) and another attempt to re-set we could not get it clear.

In a fresh southerly breeze of 16-20 kn our competitors passed us easily and we lost a mile or so on them. Finally not more than a third (of four yachts) in the IRC1 fleet was the result of our efforts.


Day two in a southsouthwesterly of 6-10 kn outweighed the catastrophic Saturday. The best start of the field, a proper upwind leg and ballooning successfully made us win the triangle course and even beat our most difficult competitor "Ladies First", a First 40,7. Unfortunately dieing wind perevented a third race.


Consequently we had to accept the second place as the deserved result for the series and we brought another cup home.


Xtreme is safe and well back in Teos. Took some  7 hours "steaming" the 37 miles back home. We have seen the Aegean rarely that calm.

14.04.2012 Record Breaking on the Way to Çeşme

Against all odds: Xtreme is in Çeşme - ready to race the Çeşme Spring Cup next weekend. The weather report promised 30 knots southeasterly, gusts of 42 knots. And we got it: 30-36 knots, seeing 44 knots windspeed in severe gusts.


Cautious as we are we left Teos with Genoa 3 and two reefs in the main. 15-20 kn from southsoutheast let me think very shortly if we should shake out a reef. But, with the wind continuously gaining strength, we changed from G3 to the storm jib at 30 kn windspeed. We surfed with up to 18,7 kn down the waves - new record!


At Karaabdullahburun, the cape south of Çeşme we doused the main in a thunderstorm after a gust of 44 kn. The stormjib alone was still enough to reach 7-8 kn boat speed and 10 kn in a surf down the impressive aegaean waves.


Approaching Çeşme the first thing we saw were several freighters and a big tugboat which were lying at anchor in Tekne Koyu, the Bay south of Çeşme, in search for shelter from the bad weather conditions. Are these professionals cleverer than us?


As if we were not wet enough, is started heavily raining when we entered Çeşme Harbour. Happy to be in the safe port, we were really angry at the mooring service who left us waiting nearly half an hour until berthing us.


A creative solution with the storm jib as protective cover made it possible to enter the boat, change clothes and get everthing neat and dry again. Some "Meze", the famous Turkish starters and salad and one-two beers were sufficient reward for us this evening and we went to sleep early - a good deep sleep that we deserved.



Xtreme for Sale - It's not the End!

Xtreme is a fully equipped cruiser-racer ready for familiy cruising or IRC/one-design racing. The equipment is conforming to the class rules. The Boat was vice champion in the X-99 world championships 2004 under her former owner.

In the Marmaris Race Week 2010 Xtreme finished 4th in the IRC2 fleet. In the local races of the EAYK (Aegean Offshore Yacht Club) Xtreme finishes generally 1st or 2nd. Until 2006 she has been used on freshwater only (Lake Constance) and has only been launched for some races. The boat is in Turkey since 2006 and races from time to time since 2010. On our webpage you can find race rsults and additional photos.



Type:              X-99 MkII, X-Yachts Danmark
Hull No.:          568, sail no. GER568
Built:                2001
Flag:                German
Location:         Sığacık/İzmir - Turkey

IRC:                0,996 (2012 certificate available)

VAT:               EU VAT paid



Length:            10m
Beam:             3m
Draft:              1,75m
Weight:           2980 kg
Ballast:            1300 kg

Main:               32,2 m2
Genoa 1:         30 m2
Genoa 3 (jib):  20 m2
(class):            78 m2
(reacher):        62 m2
Storm Jib:       8,5 m2



Glass fibre reinforces polyester sandwich, Divinycell core
Stainless steel girder frame
Bottom finishing 3x Epoxy, 2x Antifouling
Tiller steering



Engine Type:  Volvo MD2010
                        Volvo Saildrive membrane (sealing) renewed in 2011
Power:            10 hp
Op. Hours:      no operation hours meter, regular annual maintenance performed

Fuel cap.:        25l
Water cap..:    40l



Batteries:        2x 12V, 55 Ah, 1x engine, 1x elektronics/light



Nordic Masts 7/8 aluminium mast and boom
2 spreaders
Runners and checkstays
Aluminium spinnaker pole



1 Main sail North for training/cruising
1 Main sail North 2004 only used for racing
1 Main sail Hood (Q-Sails) 2011
2 Genoa 1 North for training/cruising
1 Genoa 1 North 2004 only used for racing
1 Genoa 3 Segelwerkstatt Stade for training/cruising
1 Genoa 3 North 2004 only used for racing
1 Genoa 3 Hood (Q-Sails) 2011
1 Storm Jib Doyle Raudaschl 2006
1 Spinnaker (max. class) North 78 m2, 0,75 oz. for training/cruising
1 Spinnaker (max. class) North 2004, 78 m2, 0,75 oz. only used for racing
1 Spinnaker (reacher) Q-Sails 2010, 62 m2, 1,5 oz. only used for racing



Raymarine ST60 wind, log, depth sounder, electronic compass
On mast bracket 1x compass, 1x graphic, 2x multi displays
Below companionway 1x Windlupe, 1x Tridata
Fixed remote control
Raymarine autopilot ST 1000
VDO MAP 7c GPS plotter
Raymarine VHF Ray 54E
JVC CD radio


Deck Equipment:

Andersen winches 2x halyard/sheet, 2x runner
Lewmar One-Touch winch handle 2x
Titan winch handle 2x
Frederiksen main and genoıa travellers
Harken main sheet blocks
Harken spinnaker blocks
Spinlock halyard stoppers
Kaya GP Rock Dyneema halyards (main, genoa, spinnaker) new, 2011/2012


Safety Equipment:

Suunto compass
Plastimo Offshore Valise life raft 6 pers
Life ring with light buoy
Radar reflector
2x fire extinguisher
1x admirality anchor 15kg, anchor rode and chain lead
1x “Bruce” anchor 10kg


Other Equipment

6 berths
Detachable table
Detachable cabin door
Blakes LAVAC vacuum toilet
2 flame gas stove
Genoa sheets
Spinnaker sheets and equipment
Mooring lines
Boom cover
Users manual



Additional berths under the cockpit
Detachable cabinets







Xtreme is launched - and looks like new! Fresh antifouling, the seams of the teak deck are filled again and everything is polished and shiny. Xtreme is alive as usual and was happy to do her first sail in 26-32 kn northerly. Watch some more photos.


Xtreme is proud to adorn the homepage of her Turkish Club EAYK. The EAYK is a Club with utmost hospitality with an activity centre in Sığacık/Teos. They organize races in the İzmir Region.


Time for hibernation. Not a long time, and we will back on the sea. Just some three weeks. No way to pass the winter without the necessary maintenance. The underwatership turned into a biotope. So it needs some new antifouling. The obligatory engine checkup. Positively Xtreme is not a motor boat. However our small 10 hp Volvo is a safety device. Hope to see you again soon in Teos or the Aegean.


We were fighting the elements on 17.12.2011 while Rico Besserdich shot this nice and exciting series. To read some more about the shooting please visit Ricos page: 

Contact him if you are around İzmir and in need of photos of your yacht. See also our gallery for the highlights. The season ended, the season has just begun. Just one week until the next training.


The last event of the season 2011 was the Çittur Cup of the EAYC in Sığacık. (Un)fortunately the Saturday race was abandoned due to 30-33 kn Southerly with gusts of 36-40 kn. The race commitee decided for grilling and a backgammıon tournament. We decided for "xtreme" sailing. Thanks to Rico Besserdich it has been documented in an exciting photo series. See here for now only the appetizer. Evening programme as usual. The octopus in the "Liman" Restaurant is severely recommended.

Sunday offered good conditions apart from heavy rainshowers on the final leg. SW 4-5 Beaufort. We had a nearly perfect start - just a few seconds early. But that we realized slightly late due to some VHF misunderstanding. We corrected our "premature" start by rounding the buoy and started our race to catch up. We caught two of our three competitors in the IRC2 group befor the first mark. However the first was uncatchable and we finished second. Not unbeaten, but we are looking back on a successful season. Happy new year to everybody. See you soon.


Spring conditions in December with 16-18 degrees, SW 2 on Saturday and SE-S 3-4 on Sunday gave us the opportunity for a last training in this season. Erdener joined us as a new member with "0 km" experience. Consequently best conditions to make a fundamental practicing. Basic seamanship, knots, setting and dousing the white sails, tacking and gybing. In the evening some theory about the directions a boat can sail and the aerodynamic secret why a boat can sail towards the wind. Even Rakı and octopus were accompanied by reefing knot practicing. In a nutshell a compressed programme.


On the other hand we used this weekend to remove all "slowing factors" like algae and barnackles from the underwatership to be prepared for the final race on 17th/18th of this month. Amazing that the season lasts longer than the antifouling. Have a look for some more photos.

12./13.11.2011 EAYK DTO Cup

1st in IRC2

In strong conditions the Xtreme Sailing Team achieved another victory. On Saturday we went to the racing area, but 30-35 knots northerly prevented that the race committee could set up the starting line. The anchor of the committee boat dragged. After waiting an hour in the starting area surfing up and down the race was abandoned.


Sunday offered similar conditions with 28-30 kn, gusts up to 35. The commitee checked the conditions and prepared the course, then called us out to the starting area. Genoa 3 and the main with two reefs were the sails of choice. The course was shortened to one up-and-down leg, consequently a good start was essential. Our club comrades were “helpful” by leaving lots of space for us to start at the preferred starboard side of the line, at the boat at the gun. Thanks for that. A slight mistake picking the actually correct tack to the right a little early made us round the windward mark second in the fleet but first in the group.


We made the best of the situation and had enough courage to hoist the spinnaker on the downwind finish leg. Unfortunately we could not lay the finish line on starboard gybe. Before the gybe we doused the spinnaker to reduce risk, gybed and finished second in the fleet, first in the group IRC2.


Xtreme "modeling" on the invitation of the EAYK-DTO-Cup - we will participate!


"Ready to Tack"

Exercising in "race configuration" was the best preperatiion for the EAYK race in November. The sun accompanied us the whole weekend. Northerly force 4-5 offered good conditions for some spinnaker training on Saturday. Sets, gybes, douses, sometimes challenging but always lots of fun. Both Lewmar spinnaker sheet blocks cracking nearly at the same time and at the leeward sheet surprised us. They were even not really old. Let's see how the ten year old Harken blocks will do which I had in spare.

The last hour of daylight we used for some rigging maintenance. In the evening the team spirit was fostered with (Do you think it is getting boring?) Octopus, Meze and Rakı.


Sunday offered us after a morning calm a strong notherly breeze of 22-27 knots - 6 Beaufort. A little to much for efficient spinnaker training. We put in two reefs to go easy on the material, exercised tacking in different crew configurations and rounding the buoy. By the way, the weather reports did not promise more that 8 knots wind. This is Sığacık. For more photos click here.


Autumn has come, even in Aegean. We are preparing for the EAYK races in November and December. A horrible weather forecast nearly let us cancel the training event this weekend. But we did well not to do so. Saturday sun and 4-5 Beaufort from S-SW - "Lodos" - best conditions. Genoa 3 and two reefs in the main was the right choice for our shorthanded and still learning crew of two. No need to operate the "bothering" runners. Tacking and gybing - our new crew members get more and more self-assured. The standard evening programme... It started raining at 22:30 h, but a sunshade did a good job as umbrella.


I woke up on Sunday at six o'clock. The rain was drumming at the boat's side and storm was howling in the rigging. Xtreme heeled at her berth in the well protected marina. I went to sleep again and thought shortly what the day will bring.


We woke up around nine and had a hefty breakfast. The wind was fine, a little gusty and it was....grey but dry. We decided to put out to sea for another training session. Right decision to use the opportunity for more practice in medium heavy conditions in a southwesterly of 5-6, again G3 and two reefs are the sails of choice. Tacking, gybing and simulated mark roundings, luffing and falling off under white sails. At one o'clock it started raining, thank god we are waterproof.


In a nutshell another beneficial and fun training session.


"Raising the New Generation" was the motto of last weekends training. We had an intense tack and gybe training on saturday in northerly winds of 5, sometimes 6 Beaufort. Not really weather for detailed introduction in function and trim of the boat. But a good opportunity to understand the importance of flawless performance. Be it the runners or the jib sheet trim, be it gybing the main or understanding the forces on sheets. A "lunchbreak" anchoring in the cove "Demirciliman" was not only an opportunity to relax, swim and dive, but also clean the underwatership from algae and barnackles. See some more photos here.

Sunday offered us northerly winds starting at 5 Beaufort continuously decreasing to 2.
240 degrees, the bearing to "Gökliman" Cove. A kind gesture to our youngest crew member, my son Peer Ole (8) who insisted that he wants to anchor and swim. The wind conditions made us reef in and out. The 7 1/2 nm broad reach leg gave us a lot of time to explain the task and functions of each line, especially the trimlines for the main and the backstay. We studied the effect on the sail profile shape and depth. Anchoring at Gökliman, swimming and lunch to relax. Unfortunately the water quality is negatively affected by the fish farms at the entrance of the cove.

The return needed engine support as the wind backed and died to SW 2. Somehow dissatisfying, but we had to do it with regard to our travel back to Bursa. Looking forward with high motivation to the next training event to prepare for the race on 12./13.11.2011.


After two months of total sailing abstinence finally back on the water. A nice "Triple F" - fast and family friendly - cruise to Kuşadası and Pythagoreio/Samos. On our first leg we planned to stay in the Doğanbey Bight some 10 miles SSE of Teos. But when the northerly backed to SW and strengthened to >20 kn it provided no safe anchorage. We decided to continue to Kuşadası. The night aproach was no problem.

Three adults, thee children, consquently worlds biggest family waterslide in Kuşadası was the right choice: 298 m on a raft with four persons and some more attractions at Adaland. Well equipped with fishing rods and bait we had every evening fresh fish on the table. Peer Ole was the most successful.

We checked out at Kuşadasi and headed for Pythagoreio/Samos. Todays prey was a 700g Bonito. Pythagoreio is the birthplace of famous Pythagoras - you remember? The guy with the right angled triangle. A nice small town with a beautyful church, a castle and some craftsmanship and artworks shops. We had a tour around the Island to Samos and Karlovası. But time was two short for culture - fishing had preference for Tamer and the children. On the return to Kuşadası we got caught by a calm abeam of Cape Gatos and had to use the "iron genoa".  Increasing and veering wind from WSW2 to NNW6 and gusts of 7 provided a tiring eight hours return to Teos. Reefing in and out, changing headsails from G3 to stormjib and back. Tacking in changing winds along the shoreline gave us a final challenge. The dinner at our regular haunt "Liman Restaurant" with grilled octopus and rakı was a proper reward. Having a chat with the local fisherman Hasan was another unforgettable experience - a little sad that he expects that we will run out of fish within the next ten years. Now looking forward to the next training and the Samos Race.


Bad news: Xtreme will not participate in Çeşme this weekend. She is waiting impatiently to move and move fast, but unfortunately some buisness keeps us from sailing since a while. Looking forward to the next event impatiently.

It was a cool weekend!
It was a cool weekend!


EAYK Çeşme Chios Sailing Event

Saturday we left Çeşme Marina with 19 yachts nearly altogether at noon bound to Chios Port. Thanks to Yaşar Ateş from Ateş Marin for checkout services. After an hour of sailing we arrived. Leisure time, beer, shopping for mastika and  a friendship dinner with buzuki and sirtaki rounded up the program. Saturday night we moved Xtreme from the south pier to the north pier: 35 kn onshore wind and half a metre waves in the port. But still a lot of fun together with the delicacies of the island. I certainly can not recommend the octopus, but everything with mastika and tasty sweet pastries. Unfortunately the race from Chios to Çeşme on sunday has been abandoned due to a northerly up to 30 kn. Consequently just "safety sailing" back to Çeşme. Good sailing conditions especially on the return from Çeşme to Teos Marina, but a hard beat with 28-30 kn from norhteast past Teke Cape. The Siğacık Bay turns always out as a windy corner!


Xtreme is ready to race in Çeşme, waiting for the Chios Cruise and Race Event of the EAYK on 25./26.06.2011. We started from Sığacık with a light southweterly - exactly on the head! After the wind died completely we lowered the sails and used the break for swimming and cleaning the propeller and the hull underwater. Finishing our unplanned stop we had to use the "iron genoa" until Teke Cape. Past Teke Cape we received a fresh northwesterly of 4 to 5 Beaufort - exactly on the head! Fine upwind sailing with tactically successful tacks under the coastline. During the transfer from Sığacık (Teos) to Çeşme we dropped by in Alaçatı.The evening we spend as a team in Dalyan Village on the Çeşme Peninsula. The waterfront with it's fish restaurants offered aegaean delicacies.

On Sunday morning we had an onboard breakfast and left Alaçatı around 10:00h. After having left the Bay we hoisted sails and close reached with a northerly of 10-14 kn towards the "corner" south of Çeşme. One tack was enough in spite of slightly veering wind to lay Çeşme harbour.

Luckily a thunderstorm and some rain reached the coast after we had cleared up. See some photos in our gallery.


Sometimes it is good to remember the cruiser qualities of the X-99. "Triple F", fast and family friendly. Unfortunately Saturday with thunderstorms did not allow us to sail with the family. So we just cleared up the boat and the small ones explored the marina - and liked it. In the evening we had the chance to meet our friend Peter "Eggat" Meyer in Alaçatı, owner of the company Boatyard Solutions who had a press event and photo shooting with Bavaria Yachts.


Meze, the famous starters and delicious grilled octopus, a fine "double" of Rakı at our favorite Restaurant "Kalamata" filled the holes in our stomachs. The obligatory Turkish Coffee with "sakız" - mastic - rounded up the dinner. A lot of memories of the "Magier" times (for insider) were exchanged.


Sunday we got up early. After a tasteful breakfast at "University 2" we used the fair weather with a northerly of 10-15 kn for a discovery tour to the cove Demircili Liman. Good for a day trip. Before returning to Bursa we took a tour through the "Cittaslow" Sığacık. After a stroll over the organic bazaar and "Gözleme" - a kind Turkish pancake - with herbs we had to get on the way back to Bursa. Find some more photos soon in our gallery.


The results are out! Congratulations Rico, even being only about an hour and without having much conversation, the fotosession with you last wekend was a lot of fun. Good shots. See a preview on Ricos homepage. You will find more photos within short in our gallery.

Thanks again very very much to Rico Besserdich, the excellent under- and from now on also above water marine photographer. Thanks also to the team of Teos Marina who provided a zodiac boat with "captain" for this event.


Without having the results of the second photosession with Rico Besserdich - the spectacular action photographer - yet, we can report an intense training weekend in best conditions. Sailing in t-shirt and shorts the first time this year, we used the northnorthwesterly at a force of 12-20 kn for exercising tacking, spinnaker hoisting, gybing and dousing.


On Saturday Rico Besserdich accompanied us on a zodiac and documented our activities. Thanks to the Teos Marina Management for support. We are waiting impatiently for the results.



Yacht Photo-Shooting with the Xtreme Sailing Team

Please see the results of the first session "On Board" of an exciting photo shooting with Rico Besserdich, the world class underwater photographer who turned up to be gifted above the surface as well. Happy that we had you on board, Rico. Thank you so much for the photos and your support of our campaign.


We left another fruitful excercising weekend behind. Fun and focus to get the new crew members on level. Tacking, spinnaker handling and basic spinnaker maneuvres were the main items on the agenda - followed by a "feedback" round with "Meze" and "Rakı" in our hangout "Liman Restaurant". Check out the grilled octopus!


On saturday perfect conditions on a sunny day with a northerly, 12-18 kn. Besides two candidate crew members from İzmir we had two guests with us. The famous underwater photographer Rico Besserdich took some on-deck photos and we wat impatiently for the results.


In contrast to any weather forecast we had very similar wind conditions on sunday. Just the sky was mostly cloudy, but the occasional slight rain could not wet us.


In a nutshell yet another efficient and full fun training event.

12.04.2011 Raising the Next Generation


Today we performed a theory training for the younger part of the crew. Basic sailing principles, aerodynamics, boat preperation and boat handling were the items on the agenda. Our target is not only to perform, but to know why we are doing the things we do. The theory support of our practicing will be continued.

But not to forget that it is all about fun. Conversation and some delicacies must not be missing.

Looking forward to put the new knowledge into practice next weekend.

20.03.2011 Lassa Cup
In contrary to the weather report we had a fine race at a stable, only slightly oscillating northnorthwesterly wind at 12-16kn. As the port side was seriosly advantageous we decided to start at the bouy on port tack! But unfortunately we were almost a minute early. We had to find our gap, tacked almost on the line to starboard, started shortly after the gun, but without speed. Only a short tack until we had clear air, then the header. We tacked and had control of the fleet. The last time that we saw the competitors of our group. 3rd around the weather mark. In front of us "Atlantis X", an IMX 40 and "Fat Lemon", a First 40,7. A little trouble at the leeward mark in fourth position: we were caught by a gust with the sheets trimmed in too early and were about to hit the leeward mark. Only a "360" saved us from doing so. Still fourth, "Dracula", a Beneteau 42 passed us, but "Orchestra", another First 40,7 still behind us. We had to let them pass on the upwind leg, so we finished downwind in fifth position elapsed and first in the group. Another victory for Xtreme! Look here for some more photos.
19.03.2011 Footnotes Karetta Cup
Leaving the harbour we had fair wind with gusts up to 16 kn from SSE. As we expected increasing wind we decided for the Genoa 3. We started close to the committee boat in contrast of the majority and decided for the right side expecting a persistent veer. The wind veered, so we were on the right side, but it slackened and continued to veer. SW 4-6 kn made us hoist the spinaker - still on the first leg. Fortunately we could use the opportunity to change to Genoa 1. Close to the weather mark the wind turned back and some still trying the spinnaker, we started tacking at rather zero wind. After long minutes we rounded the windward mark as 4. boat and first in the IRC2 group. Unfortunately all effort was in vain and the race was abandoned.


We are proud that the EAYK put our picture on the race advertisement for the Footnotes Karetta Cup. Certainly we will participate.


Xtreme achieved the annual target already on the first race winning the EAYC Teos Marina Cup in the IRC2 class. We raced on a 10 mile triangle course with a northnorthwesterly breeze of 20 knots with gusts up to 28 knots.


After the start close to the jury boat on the advantageous starboard side of the line we were 4. in the fleet, but could leave two of our competitors behind easily.

We rounded the windward mark as second of and fought hard with a Grand Soleil 40 throughout the triangle. The inside position at the leeward mark assured a second position. Then we increased the gap to our competitor on the following upwind and the downwind spinnaker leg towards the finish.


Best conditions let us cross the finishing line as second of 24 boats, nine minutes behind the IRC1 Yacht "Fat Lemon", a First 40.7.


After a windy trip from Alaçatı around Teke Cape and across Sığacık Bay Xtreme reached her new home port Teos (Sığacık). The last two hours upwind sailing at around 30kn northerly wind were quite tiring. The effort has been rewarded by the birthday dinner of Anette with Meze and Rakı in the "Liman Restaurant" at Teos Harbour. It is really recomendable. The grilled octopus is delicious.


Teos/Sığacık is the new activity center of the EAYK, the Aegaean Offshore Yacht Club and hopefully soon a new center of yacht racing in Turkey.


Next weekend we will make the third attempt to transfer "Xtreme" to Sığacık. Strong "Lodos", southwersterly >30kn prevented us to go End of January. And an engine breakdown forced us to return after an hour or so last weekend. But now it is repaired, the crew is ready and the season can start next weekend at the Teos Marina Cup.


We received our new IRC measurement certificate. The certificate is new but the rating remained unchanged at TCC 0,996.


Xtreme is launched - and looks like new. Ready to race!

Teos Marina
Teos Marina


Today I "explored" Siğacık (İzmir) and the Teos Marina. The final decision is made. Xtreme will move to Sığacık as it will be the activity and racing base of the EAYK - the Aegaean Offshore Racing Club. And consequently it will be ours. Sığacık is the former antique settlement Teos. You find ruins of the Dionysos temple a foot walk south of the marina. See more photos here.

Getting Lifted
Getting Lifted

In nice weather (actually sailing weather: N 3-4, 13 degrees Celsius, no clouds) we hoisted Xtreme ashore for some hull and engine maintenance. Relaunch and season start will be on February 22nd. Keeping hibernation short elongates the season - and has a positive economic effect.


The preliminary race schedule ist set. On Saturday we will make a research visit to Teos Marina/Sığacık before the final decision to move there in May 2011.


The old season ended, the new one has just begun. Have all the best in 2011. Hope you had a good start in clean air with a lot of room to tack. Please read more about that issue in "Advanced Racing Tactics" by Stuart H. Walker, a book I can seriously recommend. Speed does not come only from good wishes!


After reaching our targets in 2010 the only consequence can be to reach a "First Place" in 2011. The target is set.


The season will start with a little maintenance. Consequently Xtreme will go out of the wet element next weekend for a very short hibernation. Hope we can sail one or two hours before that. Long time ago that Xtreme moved. 


New race scheduled: December 18th in Sığacık. We will do everything to make it real.


Xtreme is back in her home port - in Alaçatı. Thanks to Anette and Alex who made this happen.


We overreached the target of this season with three cups on the Marmaris International Race Week.


The inshore triangle course on the first day started postponed in light to moderate air. An average start, but a proper upwind strategy brought us to the windward mark in the leading group with all options open. While sailing with southeasterly wind to the gybe mark we tried to push Xtreme leeward towards Marmaris as the wind calmed to windward. Unfortunately only minutes later all boats that had stopped windward in the "oil" received a new breeze from southwest to reach the gybe mark in an unreachable position in front of us. This was not repairable and we ended up in 6th position of 18 participants in the group IRC2.


The second race was a 25 mile offshore course in moderate to fresh breeze from easterly directions, later from south. We found our gap at the starting line, but reached the line in the second row with insufficient boat speed. An (e)xtreme tack close to the rocky shore of Alkaya Cape brought us the necessary clear air and we could start to do our thing. In shifting wind up to 30 degrees our expectation that it is advantageous to stay close to the shoreline turned out right. We rounded the mark as fourth in our group. On the following beam reach that turned later on into a (very) close reach our modern competitors with bigger, asymmetric spinnakers or genakers had an advantage and some were able to pass us some minutes elapsed. Still the distance was sufficient to reach a final 3rd place. Our first cup which we were able to celebrate Wednesday night.


The third race has been cancelled after some hours on the water due to continuously shifting light air.

After a horrible night with rain, thunderstorms and strong southeasterly we had still gusts up to 34 knots when preparing for the race in the harbor. The race committee decided to take the planned offshore race into the Marmaris Bay due to the weather conditions. As a huge cruise ship started to disembark its passengers in the middle of the bay and three military vessels arrived for the Republican Day on Friday the harbour master did not give the necessary permission and the decision had to be revised again. We started the initially planned 12 nm offshore course with a splendid spinnaker start in totally clear westerly air of 16-24 kn. While the whole fleet went luffing up south we pushed Xtreme downwind and maintained totally clear air until the first mark. 8-9, sometimes up to 10 kn of boat speed against 2-3 m high old waves gave a strange feeling. No broach in these conditions was another success. Together with our closest competitors we rounded the mark and had a successful upwind strategy catching clear air on the left and then using shifts close to the shoreline. The short spinnaker course in the Yalancı Boğaz was a too close reach for us – our weak point. The following close reach to the finish did not offer any further options to gain and we turned out 2nd. The 2nd cup.


The “Republican Day Cup” on the last day was again an inshore triangle course in best conditions: 8-14 kn westerly, later rather northwesterly wind. Start in clear air on the left side of the line close to the boat whereas everybody pushed and shoved at the buoy was the right idea. The first tack to the left close to Bedir Island brought us in front of our competitors. The first spinnaker leg was again a too close reach for us and we fell back a little. The second upwind course was a success again in spite of a little trouble when the genoa halyard block broke. Having no second genoa halyard we used the spinnaker halyard instead which cost only little at that time and in the later spinnaker hoist and douse. 3rd in this race was a good result. The 3rd cup.


Having participated as such was a success for our team, turning out as 4th of 18 in class and bringing home three cups was the reward for systematic practicing in theory and practice. See the detailed results and more photos.


After a successful transfer with a family crew of three generations Xtreme reached Marmaris. Alaçatı-Gümüşlük-Palamutbükü-Bozburun-Bozukkale-Marmaris was the chosen route. The first 87-miles-night-leg was a little bit tiring with the small crew and increasing wind, but we reached Gümüşlük safely after some surfs with 11-14 knots on the 1,5-2m waves at 26-28kn from NE with only the two times reefed mainsail. After that we enjoyed sailing the aegean at rarely less than 4-5 beaufort. Just the last leg ended with three hors under "iron genoa". See more impressions here.


Last Practicing Before Marmaris

The last practicing before Marmaris was real fun. Different conditions between 5 and 23 knots with wind shifts up to 135 degrees created interesting and challenging conditions for practicing. Temperatures of 25-29 centigrade made it even more enjoyable. We focussed on spinnaker maneuvres and upwind tactics using the compass and a wind graph chart. And of course we tested the new reaching spinnaker from Q-Sails. It provides high speed at a beam reach or even a closer reach combined with good handling. We are really happy to have it. See the latest photos.


Xtreme is officially registered for the MIRW and we have a reservation for the berth in the Netsel Marmaris Marina.


That's the way!

A weekend of intensive training in best conditions. A special program for our foresailtrimmers. Spinnaker practicing first in lighter conditions, later at 4-5 from NNW. Best conditions? No, it was slightly too hot. We had to drink a lot - of water! We started using a wind graph sheet on the beat to understand the shifting of the wind. Works pretty well. Using the shifts and local conditions we were able to make some good tacks at increasing boat speed.

On Sunday it was blowing slightly harder. NNW 5-6, 7 in the puffs challenged our crew of (only) 4. Genoa 3 and a reef was to little sail area deadly downwind. But on the beat we tied in the second reef when approaching Alaçatı Bay. To little weight on the edge. But the boat was unexpectedly fast on both tacks. No difference after trimming the upper shrouds and accelerating after finding the right backstay trim. Look at the photos.


Family Sailing in Alaçatı

Not to forget. The X-99 is a cruiser-racer. Last weekend we used the cruiser part of the thing. SW3-4 on Saturday and some changing wind that developed to a stable northnorthwesterly up to 5-6 beaufort offered fine sailing. Swimming for the children and a nice "Meze and Ouzo" dinner. Afterwards some "sakızlı" everything. Sakız is the gum of the gumwood tree which is added for example to coffee, icecream etc. However, you can imagine how nice a weekend it was.



Today we joined the waiting list for the the Kalamış/Fenerbahçe-Marina in İstanbul. Hopefully we will find berth in İstanbul in spring 2011. Closer to Bursa, more race activities.


First Race, first cup!

5. of 25 boats according to elapsed time and 2. in the group. Not too bad, but.... Xtreme

Alaçatı, Port Alaçatı Marina Cup
Wind N 18-23 kn

Just after setting the main and trying to tie in the first reef the reefing cringle decides to leave the sail together with a bigger part of the leech. We try the second reef - same issue and the fourth batten leaves as well. But who reefs looses. We decide to try the race with the full - and torn - mainsail. The start procedure begins with 1 1/2 hours delay. We cross the line as 5th boat. The course is a triangle course with one lap and one hot dog. Unexpectedly we start with a reaching leg to the gybe mark. After a clean gybe at the first mark we continue without spinnaker, until our competitors behind us showed some better performance using spinnaker. Kite up! It went quite well until... we decide to douse the spinnaker, but let go the sheet completely. After loosing control about the guy as well the kite fills 10m leeward. Luckily we made it to lower the halyard an pulled the sail in on the windward side. "The best place for the spinnaker is the bag!"
The nearly invisible mark "2" remains far leeward and we have to gybe down to it. We reach the leeward mark with mark room, but have to gybe in the narrow gap between the mark and our competitor. We had lost some 6 positions and during the gybe the mainsheet pushes our main trimmer into the lifelines. Luckily we did not loose him and could concentrate on the beat to the windwad mark. A tack to port to get rid of the field brings us free wind. After the wind backs slightly we tack towards the shore. The expected header closer to the shore is the signal to tack again. Even with the torn main we make more than 6 knots and after two more tacks we reach the windward mark as 5th again. We bring this result home on the hot dog with two reaching courses and finish our first race successfully.


Practicing in Alaçatı

A perfect saturday with 12-17 kn from WSW. Best conditions for practicing tacking and fundamental spinnaker handling. A lunch break with swimming in the Mersin Bay and an evening with Meze and Rakı in the old town of Alaçatı rounded up our event.


Sunday was rather calm. 7 kn from SW-S. We did some tacking in light conditions but had to return to the port using the "iron genoa".


Now we stopped sailing "incognito" and show GER568 in our sales. Xtreme put on her racing clothes and is now ready for the Çeşme Sail Week(end) on 17./18.07.2010. 



Today we made the provisional registry for the 21. Marmaris International Race Week. 140 participants will be accepted. We are looking forward to this great event.


Xtreme in Alaçatı

After an exciting night sail from Ayvalık we reached Alaçatı yesterday morning. Changing wind conditions, sheet lightning and thunderstorms with sometimes heavy showers made it an exciting trip. Fortunately we had no heavy gusts. After that 16-hours-trip some hours of afternoon sleep brought back our energy and we got a first taste of Alaçatı's culinary richness. After a relaxing night we had the oppurtunity to practice spinnaker maneuvres and tacking in medium wind conditions on sunday.


Alaçatı as an important center of sailing and windsurfing in Turkey will be our base for practicing and racing during the season 2010/2011. Please see the location on below map.


The preperation phase continues. Three new crew members joined the team. On Saturday light conditions with the highlight of tacking through the Dalyan Boğazı. Some twenty tacks in a narrow channel caused us sweating. Delicious "Meze" and fish for dinner at "Bay Nihat" in Cunda brought back our energy. Sunday presented us increasing wind between 3 and 5 Beaufort and bright sunshine. Changing genoas and getting a little wet during tacking were awarded by a nice spinnaker surf. Practicing sets and douses rounded up this perfect training weekend.


We are setting standards. On saturday practicing in best conditiions at changing winds between 0-3 beaufort. We rounded "Çıplak Ada", the "Naked Island" two times. Tacking in light conditions and spinnaker gybing - and relaxing - were on the schedule. The evening program with Rakı and Meze in Cunda is getting a standard as well. Really difficult to improve further.

Sunday presented us S-SW 5, a short shower, in between calming down to 3-4, just to fresh up again with some gusts up to 6. Practicing under white sails, reefing in and out and tacking made us sweat sometimes. Again we rounded "Çıplak Ada" and were rewarded with some nice surfs up to 12,8 kn on our way back to Ayvalık.


We received our new IRC measurement certificate.


TCC: 0,996


That was a season start!

On March 6th we launched Xtreme again and the season 2010 started. And what a start. 20-25 kn of wind gave us good conditions to taste the Aegaean Sea. Some hard upwind tacking and as a reward nice downwind surfs under "white sails" with up to 11,7 knots.


Xtreme to Alaçatı

Today we fixed it. Xtreme will move to Alaçatı on 21./22.05.2010. Alaçatı is an important sailing ans surf centre in Turkey. It's situated on the Çeşme peninsula west of İzmir. We chose Alaçatı as a new basis to increase our training and racing activities.


Just after a "dry" training last night about sailing fundamentals and the aerodynamics of sailing we received some good news. Space in "Port Alaçatı" is available. The plan is to transfer "Xtreme" on 20./21.05.2010. Will be excellent to berth in a port with racing activities.

So Sad!
So Sad!


It was a little strange preparing "Xtreme" for wintering on the 2nd Christmas holiday, I have to admit. Sunshine, 21 degrees C and a southwesterly blowing with 15-18 kn could have been preferred for sailing indeed. However, after a little maintenance the next season will start early in March 2010. Have all the best until then.


The last event before "hibernation" was successful and real fun. Sailing in fair conditions, tacking, gybing without spinnaker and trimming the mast on saturday.


We celebrated the "World Rakı Day" in Cunda, eating "Meze", the famous Turkish starters and drinking a fine Rakı.


After rain in the early morning the sun came out during breakfast on sunday morning. We sailed round "Cıplak Ada", the "Naked Island". The clear sky, views of snow covered "Kaz Dağları", the "Gooose Mountains" and certainly the course with some spinnaker gybing were the highlights of the day. A perfect season closing.


Next Event: "World Rakı Day" on 12.12.2009, a real reason for sailing.

The season in Turkey does not end this year!


Our training event turned out into a nice but focussed cruise from Ayvalık to Behramkale/Assos. After Olcayto and another friend had to cancel their participation at short notice there was a slight disappointment. But with Mehmet and Engin we made the best of it and practiced the preparation of the boat, main and genoa sets and douses and tacking. All in light conditions and changing winds. So it was even a challenge for the concentration of the helmsman.


Nice fish dinner at "Hayrettin Usta" in Behramkale. See more photos of that not only efficient, but enjoyable weekend.


Training event in Ayvalık on 14./15.10.2009.


Xtreme is a cruiser-racer. Today let us focus on cruising. Anchoring in the "Ore Bay", "Maden Koyu" we enjoyed the cruiser qualities. With calm wind we had to use the "iron genoa". The Volvo did his job well and we reached a SOG of 5,5 miles without tiring him too much.

Swimming in the aquarium-like and crystal clear Maden Koyu was great. With a little care a barbecue on the aft deck is possible - as you see.

Anchoring qualities are rather fair. In stronger wind the boat tends to swing at anchor. Using an additional lead weight on the anchor rode, tieing the helm and bringing out a bailer limit this effect to an acceptable minimum until 5-6 beaufort.


So far about cruising.





After a wonderful weekend in Ayvalık with sailing in strong wind, 22-27kn, a marvellous fish dinner in Cunda and swimming in the clear cool waters of Aegaean we had to decide. As we did not receive a positive answer from Alaçatı we will stay in Ayvalık at least until spring 2010.


Priority is now to bring a crew together after neglecting it for several months. We are not really unhappy as Ayvalık is a beautyful area with good conditions for focussing on the "craftsmanship" of sailing.


And we are close to Lesbos (GR) to spend a week of family sailing in September.




The Marmaris-Idea is cancelled for this year. Too high logistics effort. We shall focus on local events in Alaçatı.




We are no. 30 - on the waiting list for Alaçatı Marina. If everything goes well we will make "the move" on August 21.-23.




Finally we moved our home and it is time to sail again. A cruise in Ayvalık with the family crew.  The exploration visit to Alaçatı has been delayed to July 24-26.



Xtreme to Alaçatı?


This is the plan! Will Xtreme move it's center of activities from Ayvalık to Alaçatı? More wind, more racing activities and a promising sailing and surfing scene. We will make the decision on a visit to Alaçatı on July 18./19.


If positive we will sail there on August 22./23.



Spinnaker Equipment is ready! The first time that she set the baloon since she came from Austria.


Don't mind about the number. We exercise incognito.  :)



The transfer to Marmaris will happen during and after the Ramadan Holidays in September, starting from 19.09.2009. Crew is organised.


Recruiting of the race crew in Turkey and Germany continues.



After a nice light wind weekend in Ayvalık waters Xtreme proofed to be ready for training and racing.


The engine has been maintained and received a new fuel pump.



Today we received the IRC measurement certificate.





Xtreme went back into the water again. Some nice spring weather, interrupted only by a short thunderstorm, awakened a first desire. Please have a look at the gallery. Now waiting for the first training.



The season starts on 14.03.2009